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Email update from the Bankside Press team

Issue 3 | 1 May 2000

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I N   T H I S   I S S U E

[ Welcome ]

[ News and Events ]
  - This Week's Highlights
  - Southwark Mysteries
  - Tate Modern pages launched
  - May issue of "in SE1" now available

[ Featured Book ]

  - The Southwark Mysteries by John Constable
[ My Favourite Restaurant ]

  - 62 Restaurant, Southwark Bridge Road

[ Contact Details ]


Welcome to the third issue of [SE1 Direct].

The address for your comments, questions, complaints
and suggestions is <[email protected]> 

N E W S   A N D   E V E N T S

[ This Week's Highlights ]

- From Thursday 4 May 
  Delfina Project Space opens in Southwark Street
- Thursday 4 May @ 6pm
  Solemn Vespers at St George's Cathedral to mark the 
  150th anniversary of the restoration of the Catholic 
  Heirarchy of England and Wales, in the presence
  of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.
- Thursday 4 May @ 9pm
  Outdoor film projection at the National Theatre
- Sunday 7 May @ 2.30pm
  Keats and the Poetry of Surgery: lecture at the Old 
  Operating Theatre
- Until Sunday 7 May
  Our London...Our Vote
  Last chance to catch this fun exhibition with a   
  serious message at [email protected] - examining how 
  London's Mayor and Assembly will change the city.

[ Southwark Mysteries ]

Even if you missed the big event at the Globe and
Southwark Cathedral on Easter Sunday, it's not too late
to experience the Southwark Mysteries. 

John Constable writes:

> The Goose At Liberty 
> April 25th-May 6th 2000 at 8pm 
> Poems, songs and ritual dramas from The Vision Books 
> of The Southwark Mysteries. The secret history of
> Bankside, as told by The Goose, the spirit of a
> medieval whore licensed by the Bishop of Winchester 
> to ply her trade within The Liberty of The Clink,  
> which lay outside the law of the City of London. 
> Goose of Honour: Jahnet de Light. 
> Southwark Playhouse 
> 62 Southwark Bridge Road SE1 (Borough tube) 
> 020 7620 3494 9/7 concs 

> The Anatomy Class 
> May 9th-13th 2000 at 8pm 
> A ritual healing of Southwark's physical and 
> spiritual states. The ceremony, performed in the 19th
> century Operating Theatre, invokes the ghosts of 
> whores and body-snatchers, Thomas a Becket, Mary 
> Overie and Mary Magdalene, to "Heal the Dragon" in 
> the Temple of Isis. 
> The Old Operating Theatre 
> St Thomas Street SE1 (London Bridge Station) 
> 020 7955 4791 8/6 concs 

For more information see John Constable's site at


[ Tate Modern pages launched ]

We've launched a new mini website designed to keep you
up-to-date with what's happening at Tate Modern. It
includes a news section with links to all the press
coverage of the exciting new gallery and some exclusive

See <>


[ May issue of "in SE1" now available ]

The May issue of "in SE1" will be distributed from
Tuesday onwards, so look out for it at the usual
outlets. If you are not sure where to get a copy, email
<[email protected]> and we'll try to point you
in the right direction.

You can also download a copy of "in SE1" in PDF format
from <>

F E A T U R E D   B O O K             with 

[ The Southwark Mysteries ]

The Southwark Mysteries cycle of mystery plays by
John Constable, which received its world premiere at
the Globe and Southwark Cathedral last month, is now
available in book form (Oberon Books, GBP 9.99). It is
impossible to do justice to this remarkable work with
so few words. The book is in two parts: The Vision
Books contains poems and raps, whilst the second
section contains the Mystery plays themselves. A glance
at the list of players reveals the huge range of
historical periods covered by the plays. There is also
a comprehensive glossary, explaining references from
the Clink to Costcutter and Jacob's Island to the
Jubilee Line.

Matthew Brooke

Buy a copy today from

M Y   F A V O U R I T E   R E S T A U R A N T   

[ 62 Restaurant, Southwark Bridge Road ]

This restaurant is tucked away behind the Bankside area
and during performances in the adjoining theatre is a
tranquil haven from the hustle and bustle of modern day
Bankside. The changing menu always has several
mouth watering delights and combined with a good
selection of wine is a real treasure for the area. 


James Barber

The above review was one of the winning entries in the
competition in a recent [SE1 Direct]. James Barber
wins a copy of Harden's London Restaurants 2000.

C O N T A C T   D E T A I L S 

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