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Email update from the Bankside Press team

Issue 4 | 11 May 2000

Visit London SE1: <>

I N   T H I S   I S S U E

[ Welcome ]

[ News and Events ]

- Tate Modern - Millennium Bridge - Southwark Mysteries
- Who's afraid of the 10 Commandments?

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Welcome to issue 4 of [SE1 Direct]. We have delayed
this issue to bring you the latest on Tate Modern.

The address for your comments, questions, complaints
and suggestions is <[email protected]>.

N E W S   A N D   E V E N T S

[ Tate Modern ]

Today's the day that the Queen opens Tate Modern.
There's live coverage on BBC1 from 1100 to 1130. The
evening celebrations will be shown on BBC2 between 1930
and 2030 and on BBC1 between 2230 and 2300.

Check out our Tate Modern mini-site for all you need to
know, including behind-the-scenes photographs and links
to the extensive press coverage of the new gallery.


And look out for the spectacular light show in the
evening - see the picture on our front page at
<> for a sample from the
rehearsal on Wednesday night.

Doors open to the public at 9.50am on Friday morning!


[ Millennium Bridge ]

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh attended aservice at
St Paul's Cathedral on Tuesday 9 May to mark the
dedication of the Millennium Bridge.

The Queen was unable to cross the bridge as it is only
three-quarters completed, so she performed a simple
ceremony on the north side dedicating the bridge to the
people of Southwark and the City of London.

Among those in attendance were the new Mayor of London
Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of Southwark Cllr Charles
Cherrill and the Lord Mayor of London, as well as the
Bishops of London and Southwark and the Dean of
Southwark Cathedral, the Very Rev Colin Slee.

A flotilla of small boats passed under the bridge to
mark the occasion. See
<> for
some photos.

The Millennium Bridge will open to the public next
month, after the HSBC Millennium Bridge Walk in aid of
Save the Children on Saturday 10 June. Call 020 7252
4141 to register or visit the website at

Later this month an exhibition about the Millennium
Bridge project opens at [email protected] on the South
Bank. A book by Deyan Sudjic entitled Blade of Light:
The Story of London's Millennium Bridge is also being
published by Penguin. Available from at
 There are links to media coverage of the Millennium
Bridge on our SE1 in the News page at


[ Southwark Mysteries ]

It's your last chance to catch The Anatomy Class...

John Constable writes:

> The Anatomy Class > May 9th-13th 2000 at 8pm > A
ritual healing of Southwark's physical and > spiritual
states. The ceremony, performed in the 19th > century
Operating Theatre, invokes the ghosts of > whores and
body-snatchers, Thomas a Becket, Mary > Overie and Mary
Magdalene, to "Heal the Dragon" in > the Temple of
Isis. > The Old Operating Theatre > St Thomas Street
SE1 (London Bridge Station) > 020 7955 4791 8/6 concs

For more information see John Constable's site at


[ Who's afraid of the 10 Commandments? ]

A major new 10 part series for ITV hosted by Melvyn

Melvyn Bragg chairs a studio discussion about the
contemporary relevance of the original Ten
Commandments. Each programme will begin with a short
documentary film and will follow with a discussion
featuring prominent figures from politics, religion,
the arts, science and the media.

The shows will be recorded during the day at The London
Studios, Upper Ground, SE1, on the following dates:
Thursday 18 May, Thursday 1 June, Friday 2 June,
Thursday 15 June, Friday 16th June, Thursday 22nd June,
Friday 23rd June.

If you would like to join the audience, call 020 7261
3261, fax 020 7261 8027, email
[email protected] or write to Studio
Audience Research, LWT, The London Television Centre,
London SE1 9LT.

Liquid refreshments will be available before the

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