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Issue 26 | 1 November 2000

An email update from the Bankside Press team

>> I N   T H I S   B U L L E T I N 

* 'in SE1' November issue
* What's on this week
* Book of the Week - The Jubilee Line Extension


[ 'in SE1' November issue ]

The November 2000 issue of 'in SE1' is now being
distributed via the usual channels.

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[ What's on this week ]

Some of the event highlights for this week in SE1:

* Final call for Southwark Literature Festival events 
  (until Friday) -
* The Rose Theatre Exhibition is hosting a talk on the 
  Archaeology of Southwark by Harvey Sheldon on 
  Thursday 2 November (7pm; 3). Call 020 2761 9565 for 

* Guy Fawkes' Night is approaching and the National
  Theatre is offering spectacular fireworks and samba
  rhythms on the South Bank on Saturday 4 November 
  (10.15pm; free). See


[ Book of the Week - The Jubilee Line Extension ]

It's difficult to believe that the Jubilee Line Extension has only been open for a year now. Taking the Tube has already become a natural part of travelling about in SE1. Yet every time I pass through Southwark I still marvel at the beauty of the of the station. The Jubilee Line Extension by Kenneth Powell (Laurence King Publishing, 25) is a celebration of this much-admired part of the London Underground. With a foreword by Chief Architect Roland Paoletti, the lavishly illustrated book looks in turn at each of the stations between Westminster and Stratford. But the book doesn't neglect service structures such as air vents and escape shafts, including the Redcross Way Substation. The conclusion explores the relationship between the JLE and the places it serves, including its role as a link to Tate Modern. * This book is available from at the special price of 20 - a saving of 5 on the cover price. See for details ======================================================= Contributions for the next [SE1 Direct] bulletin to [email protected] please. ======================================================= >> C O N T A C T D E T A I L S ======================================================= We welcome your comments on any aspect of our website, printed publication and email service. The address is [email protected] [SE1 Direct] c/o "in SE1", 27 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NY Tel 020 7633 0766 - Fax 020 7401 2521 Web SE1 Direct is copyright (c) 2000 Bankside Press